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Welcome to Quirlicorns, a group dedicated to the Quirlicorn breed.

Quirlicorn Breed Sheet by Astralseed

:bulletpurple:About the breed:
Quirlicorns originated as a white breed of unicorn with markings in one color only (a second color may be added later on as your Quirlicorn evolves, Natural Quirlicorns may add one geno at that stage), a swirled horn, and a long tail of hair. With some time, natural coated (Modern) Quirlicorns have also been found. Their name comes from their swirled horn which every single Quirlicorn has, no exceptions!. For more information check out the Breed Sheet.

Quirlicorns come in temperaments of all shapes and sizes. It is really up to the owner of each individual Quirlicorn to decide what their equine is like.

Quirlicorns thrive in cooler climates, often trying to blend in with the snow and failing miserably because of their markings. They posess a thick skin under their coat which keeps them warm and is also why they require so much hair on their tails (to help keep warm). While Quirlicorns can reside in warmer climates, they may be suceptible to heat exhaustion.

Being mystical and magical creatures, Quirlicorns do not age as normal horses do. The maximum Quirlicorn lifespan is still unsure though it isn't uncommon to see Quirlicorns that are anywhere from 150-600 years old.

Quirlicorns come in many different sizes and it is still unsure exactly where limits have been placed on their sizes. Quirlicorns have been observed as being as short as 13.3hh and as tall as 19hh with a variety of body types from light to draft...

There are no restrictions on what type of events your Quirlicorn can participate in, or what you must or can not train them in, but it is worth noting that their long hairy tails are quite heavy and despite them being strong enough to carry these tails with no problems, they can and do tend to get in the way of certain things. As a result most Quirlicorns mostly train and event in magic and sparring.

Gallery Folders

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Registration Images
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Imports and Resources
Quirlicorn Import 666 by Astralseed
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Foal Designs
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Paintings,Drawings, Literature
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Mature Content

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Mystery Mutations


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Current Official Events

Welcome to the Quirlicorn Joust! - Monthly Event -Welcome to the Quirlicorn Joust!
Below we will outline what exactly the Quirlicorn Joust is, how this ongoing event works, how you can participate, and what types of prizes you can win by participating.  If anything is unclear or you don't fully understand something, please feel free to ask us to clarify it for you.
Quirlicorns are generally not suited for most equine eventing.  While they absolutely can participate in any form of eventing, the breed excells in sparring and use of magic above all else.  As such we're providing a safe space for these beautiful unicorns to follow their passions and do the things they are built for.  
The Quirlicorn Joust is an ongoing event, which will have new promts posted on the first of each month.  Participation in the Quirlicorn Joust is completely voluntary and there are no requirements for how often you have to participate.  While there will only be 1 prompt each month, weekly participation is permitted and encourage

:star: Deadline: None, ongoing event :star:

Quirlicorn Fall Equinox Celebration Fall Equinox Celebration
This Equinox we celebrate our twin deities of the mountains and wind.
Fall: Mountains (Psychic)
Spring: Windy (Air)

With the reappearance of the twins, the Equinoxes are celebrated once more like the days of old.
This Fall Equinox Celebration will be a beauty contest of sorts!
We know not all Quirlicorns live in the arctic where their roots are, but as the season change, a thick winter coat usually grows in to keep them snug for the snowier seasons. So for this celebration, come show off those long, lovely coats! You may clip designs into their coats, adorn them in intricate hair styles, or just give them a nice soaking bath to get even that deep dirt out to show how long and thick their hair has grown~!
white heart bow Bow-nus white heart bow 
+2 Chime

:star: Deadline: October, 22nd :star:

Quirlicorns Spooktacular Mushhunt and More..This Halloween is very special, as we will be having not one, but TWO events in one show!
You may participate in one or both of these events as you wish, and you can use the same horse for both! But, you may not submit a single entry for both events. To keep things fair for everyone, we will ask you to do one piece per event if you wish to enter both.
Halloween Candy CornMush HuntHalloween Candy Corn
We're gonna put the 'fun' in 'fungus' this year with a mushroom hunt!
To celebrate out newest mutation Foxfire, we're sending Quirlicorns out to find glowy mushrooms in all the regions. Kind of like trick-or-treating but much healthier, and probably more psychedelic! And like trick-or-treating, your Quirlicorn MUST be in COSTUME~!
TrophyEvent PrizesTrophy
1st Place:

:star: Deadline: November, 10th :star:









When a group horse maxes out its breeding slots, we should: 

18 deviants said Do not re-home group horses, simply give them unlimited breeding slots.
17 deviants said Raffle it off to one of our members who participates in the raffle (Random draw)
9 deviants said Hold an Art Auction to decide who it should be re-homed with
5 deviants said Other (please comment with your suggestions)
2 deviants said Hold a :points: or USD auction to decide who it should be re-homed with


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How do I place an ad to the group that I am willing to do commissional art in trade for a horse from the group to get something specific?

I have read and looked at the genetics of the the groups horses and seen what there is to offer and pretty mush know what I want and I am willing to work for it with in the group doing art for people to get what i want but I need to let them know this, so How do i tell them this.

can someone please tell me??????

I am asking and willing to work for what I want based from the other adds that I have read, I just want to let the group know that I am here but I don't want so many drawing at one time that I lost interest in the group or in my art.

Please let me know if you can....

Ashlaria Aelianna Raizarra Nightraven (The Zarlaxian Guardian)

--The Druid Grove Ranch of Second Chances

--Located on the Magically Hidden Island Chain of Equestria (a.k.a- The Horses Head Islands)

--Found in the Pocket plain of Zarlaxia
SilverLucarioYT Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
this was probs asked so much and i still dont understand it xD me is dumb lol
im not entirely sure how to get started here? xD
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Laanuei Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
So how exactly do you get started? What is a Quirlicorn and where did the idea come from? How do I go about getting a quirlicorn and how do I interact here? Who do I contact to find a quirlicorn for sale or breeding slots for sale?

I hate to be asking so many questions, but frankly, the organization here isn't great... I'm left feeling really confused despite having sorted through journals. Maybe y'all could make an FAQ or a "Welcome" journal of some sort and stick it at the top? Something that gives a general highlight of what the heck this is and how to get started?
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