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Welcome to Quirlicorns, a group dedicated to the Quirlicorn breed.

Quirlicorn Breed Sheet by Astralseed

:bulletpurple:About the breed:
Quirlicorns originated as a white breed of unicorn with markings in one color only (a second color may be added later on as your Quirlicorn evolves, Natural Quirlicorns may add one geno at that stage), a swirled horn, and a long tail of hair. With some time, natural coated (Modern) Quirlicorns have also been found. Their name comes from their swirled horn which every single Quirlicorn has, no exceptions!. For more information check out the Breed Sheet.

Quirlicorns come in temperaments of all shapes and sizes. It is really up to the owner of each individual Quirlicorn to decide what their equine is like.

Quirlicorns thrive in cooler climates, often trying to blend in with the snow and failing miserably because of their markings. They posess a thick skin under their coat which keeps them warm and is also why they require so much hair on their tails (to help keep warm). While Quirlicorns can reside in warmer climates, they may be suceptible to heat exhaustion.

Being mystical and magical creatures, Quirlicorns do not age as normal horses do. The maximum Quirlicorn lifespan is still unsure though it isn't uncommon to see Quirlicorns that are anywhere from 150-600 years old.

Quirlicorns come in many different sizes and it is still unsure exactly where limits have been placed on their sizes. Quirlicorns have been observed as being as short as 13.3hh and as tall as 19hh with a variety of body types from light to draft...

There are no restrictions on what type of events your Quirlicorn can participate in, or what you must or can not train them in, but it is worth noting that their long hairy tails are quite heavy and despite them being strong enough to carry these tails with no problems, they can and do tend to get in the way of certain things. As a result most Quirlicorns mostly train and event in magic and sparring.

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Would you be interested in us introducing a dew that would straighten/smooth out Quirlicorn horns? 

20 deviants said Yes, I'd want such a dew.
11 deviants said No, I wouldn't be interested in such a dew.
3 deviants said Other, please comment with your thoughts.


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Important Links

Important Links

:bulletwhite:General Group & Breed Rules
Have a read of our basic rules to get a feel for what our group and the Quirlicorn breed are all about. Learn about ownership transfers, breedings, and anything else Quirlicorn related.

:bulletwhite:Registration Information
Find out how to register your Quirlicorns.

:bulletred:Starter Registries (IDs 1-600):bulletred:
:bulletblack:Starter Anomalies:bulletblack:
:bulletgreen:Group Horses:bulletgreen:
:bulletyellow:Foal Registries (IDs 1201-1800):bulletyellow:

:bulletwhite:Breeding & Genos
Learn how Quirlicorn genos work in order to breed the Quirlicorns you intend to.

:bulletwhite:Chime Points
Read over our breeds point system and what types of rewards are earned as your Quirlicorns level up.

:bulletpurple:Leveled Quirlicorns
This is where you can find a list of already leveled Quirlicorns and the achievements they have earned through each level.

:bulletwhite:Sacred Tree Dews
Look over the gifts that the Mighty White Tree will offer the foals that take shelter under her mighty branches. When one of these foals shows their might and integrity, she will allow said foal to choose one of her many gifts to use.

Yearly Schedule 2015

Jan: Winter Solstice show ends
Feb: Customs
Mar: Flash Art Auctions (rehome unused designs)
Apr: Potion Auctions
May: ---
Jun: Summer Solstice
Jul: Summer Solstice show ends
Aug: ---
Sep: Mystery Mutation/Potion Contest
Oct: ---
Nov: Art Auctions
Dec: Winter Solstice

Create Your Own Quirlicorn!

Wed Oct 14, 2015, 9:46 AM
Do you like horses?  Do you like unicorns?  
If you're one of the cool kids you'll love Quirlicorns and want one of your very own! 
We realize that there are still a lot of people out there who would love to own a Quirlicorn but being a closed breed, obtaining one isn't always easy.  To that end we've opted to give everyone a fair and FREE chance to not just obtain a Quirlicorn, but to obtain your dream Quirlicorn! 

This event is open to non Quirlicorn owners as well as current Quirlicorn owners.  Let's share the love and get everyone that dream horse they always wanted!

Quirlicorn Breed Sheet by Astralseed

Sounds great, right?  So how does this all work?  

Here's the run down and pretty much everything you need to know about this event:

  • You must draw your ideal Quirlicorn and then leave us a link to it in this journal.  Pretty straight forward, no?

Alright, here are some other tidbits that we'll need you to keep in mind while creating your Quirlicorn

  • Your design must fit within our breeds Quirlicorn Breeding and Genos guidelines.  We can not accept a design that falls outside of our breed standards.  If you are unsure about your design, you may give us a poke to look it over etc.  
  • You are welcome to create a Quirlicorn with Anomalies, but we will RNG to see if it will be sterile or not to keep anomaly population more under control. 
  • Sacred Tree Dews are welcome to be applied as well, just be sure to state which dew(s) you used in your artists description.
  • RNG traits may be added to your designs Double Horn, Somatic, Chimera, Birdcatcher Spots, Bend o' Spots, Brindle , Lacing, Metallic Shine, Rainbow Shine, Ancient Coat Color (Ancients Only), Color addition (Ancients Only), just be sure to add a note about it in your artists description.

ALL acceptable designs will be given their own import sheet at which point you will be responsible for the Registration of your new Quirlicorn (We have a 60 day registration policy). 

This event will run starting today, October 14th, 2015 until November 30th, 2015 11:59PM CST.  
This should give anyone who wants their dream Quirlicorn plenty of time to enter, there will not be any extensions. 

Other important tidbits:

  • Please keep in mind that your creation will not be an official Quirlicorn until we have approved the design and assigned an ID number.  
  • One per person only please!  We love to share and be nice, but greed has no place here.
  • If you have any additional questions please feel free to leave them in a comment below

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I drew someones horse, can i get this added to the group?
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How can I get the colt ?
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I have this old foal design: #1207 | Seren'eira that I'm no longer happy with. Its far too complicated, and just looks bad in general. Is it possible that I could redesign it? The only art I've done of her is her reference, found here: #1207 | Seren'eira . Links look the same, but are NOT. xD If I can redesign her, I gladly will take down her reference, or update the image with a new one.
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